A New Approach to Children's Sleep

Two Companion Books by Dorit Kreiser


Finally, a night of sweet sleep for children and parents. Is your baby having a hard time falling asleep? Have you tried everything, yet they still cry in your arms? Are you exhausted? Are you at your wits’ end? Then, these books are for you!

For Parents:
•  Who hold their restless baby in their arms, day and night
•  Who understand the importance of sleep for their child and themselves
•  Who want to regain their joy and peace of mind

•  Who yearn for healthier and calmer children


For Professionals:
•  Who want to diversify their therapy tools and better guide their clients
•  Who understand that counseling parents must include their children’s sleep

Parent's eBook and Paperback Versions
are Available Now

Children's eBook and Paperback Versions
are Available Now

About The Author

Dorit Kreiser, married to Doron, is a mother of three children: Shir, Itay and Rona. 

By training, she has been a midwife since 1994. Dorit has a graduate degree in nursing. She is a personal coach for change and new habits, a lecturer at Tel Aviv University on issues relating to women and family, and is currently working on her doctorate in the field of infant and children’s sleep.

Dorit’s professional experience includes working as the head nurse in the maternal wing of Sheba Maternity Hospital. After spending years caring and observing thousands of babies, Dorit discovered what they can do by themselves when falling asleep and where they need training and help. In an effort to better understand the sleep process and the best way to teach the skill of falling asleep independently, Dorit studied psychotherapy and parent guidance.


A "How-To" Guide for Parents & Professionals


A "Bedtime Story" Helper for Children


No way, we’re in shock!! Tom slept from 8:30pm-8:00a. Thank you very very much!!

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